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Software Developer & Designer Contract Template

Download this template now and customize your very
own contract in 20 minutes or less!
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Protect your business and GET PAID every dollar, on time, with this easily customizable client-facing contract template. You will also receive a FREE, step-by-step tutorial video from Eliot Wagonheim, recognized by SuperLawyers® as one of the nation’s leading small business attorneys, in which he breaks down contracts into plain English…not legalese!

In minutes, you will:

Who is this for?

This template is designed just for software/app developers and designers like you! Ready to get started? Download the template now and customize your very own contract in 20 minutes or less!

All the above, without having to pay an attorney!

What's included?

One completely customizable, fill-in-the-blanks downloadable (.docx) contract template

A FREE how-to video tutorial where Eliot shows you exactly where to enter your own info and explains exactly what each paragraph means (in English, not legalese)
Feedback and support at any time via email

Only $97

Next Steps:

1.Download your template!
2. Watch the how-to video tutorial and customize your contract to you and your brand.

3. Use your new contract with your clients! In less than 20 minutes, you’ll have a totally personal-to-you contract to guide your business.


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