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Record Retention Policy (Standard #24)

First Rule Contract Training retains the following records for five (5) years from the date of completion or last engagement with any of our courses or programs:


– Name and contact information of participant

– Program(s) or Course(s) taken by title and description

– Extent of participation

– Dates of completion

– Awarded Certificate(s) of Completion

– Number of CPE credits earned by participant, if any

– Evaluation and quiz results


Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about our policy or if you’d like us to send you a copy of any retained records.


Refund Policy

First Rule offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of its courses and programs. If any participant feels that the course or program did not deliver the expected value, or otherwise failed to live up to expectations, s/he may notify us at within the later of thirty (30) days from registration or initial attendance for a full refund.


Program Cancellation Policy

In the unlikely event First Rule cancels a course or program following a participant’s registration, First Rule will reach out to such participants via email and text (for those participants who have given First Rule permission to contact them via text message). Participants would be offered the option of a full refund or credit for the full amount paid toward an alternative course or program of their choice.


Complaint Resolution Policy

At First Rule, we take complaints and suggestions very seriously. If you have a complaint you’d like to raise, a suggestion, or an issue of any kind you would like to bring to our attention, please feel free to contact our Founder, Eliot Wagonheim, via email at or by calling (410) 584-1110. Please provide as many details as you can about your issue and don’t forget to include your contact information so we can reply as soon as possible.


Course Update Policy (Standard No. 4)

Every First Rule course is created and reviewed at least annually by a subject matter expect for accuracy, comprehensibility, and alignment with stated learning objectives. Our courses and programs are provided online in a modular format which allows us to insert updated information to reflect changes in laws, codes, rulings, or other relevant information that may impact our content. First Rule will immediately notify any participants currently engaged in a course or program if and when an update has been made.


Program Content and Knowledge Level (Standards 2 and 3)

Following creation by subject matter experts, the content of all First Rule courses has been presented to live audiences and test audiences online for evaluation and feedback. The live and online audiences are drawn from industry experience levels ranging from novice to highly experienced. Feedback is delivered via follow up emails, video calls, live review sessions, and written course evaluations. In addition, First Rule also solicits feedback from participants on an ongoing basis to identify any instructional gaps or other areas of possible improvement.


The requisite knowledge level, learning objectives, and outcomes for each First Rule course and program is clearly indicated on the First Rule website and any promotional materials. Materials pertaining to those courses noted as Intermediate or Advanced will also indicate recommended prerequisites, which may include other First Rule offerings or a certain level of occupational or professional experience in any given field.


Course Content & Development (Standard 5)

Each First Rule program or course offering is developed by subject matter experts. Such experts include licensed attorneys experienced in the area of practice being presented, as well as licensed Certified Public Accountants (for any programs providing accounting or tax instruction). Each subject matter expert utilized by First Rule is required to maintain requisite CLE or CPE certification levels and licensure as required by their industry, area of practice, or jurisdiction.

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