First Rule Training

Boots-on-the-Ground Contract Masterclass for General Contractors

In 3 hours, understand better than 99% of your peers how to navigate in-project issues and use your contract to bring in your projects on time and on budget.

Developed and led by nationally recognized construction lawyer, Eliot Wagonheim

Our Boots-on-the-Ground Contract Training course is for those tasked with getting things done. This course teaches everything boots-on-the-ground professionals need to know to put the contract to work in the field to protect their company’s interests, enhance the relationships that matter, and hold subcontractors accountable for doing their best work.

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A look inside the course

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Session 1

Your Prime Contract

Learn the nuts and bolts of how the Prime contract with the owner as well as your Subcontract Agreements are put together from a legal perspective and how to use your position to maximize your leverage and strengthen your company’s position.

Session 2

Mission-Critical Terms

This is everything you need to know (but were afraid to ask) about the legal terms that determine your success or failure on a project, including payment, changes in the work, price escalation, and how to decipher the legalese.

Session 3

Sword & Shield

Your job involves more than making a project come alive. You are your organization’s frontline defense and best weapon in any dispute or challenge that may arise. Learn how to turn the contract to your advantage…no matter what.


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In 4 sessions, you will learn everything you need to know about contracts Subcontractor Project Manager.

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