First Rule Training

Contract Review & Revision for General Contractors

In 5 hours, understand and navigate contracts better than 99% of your peers.

Developed and led by nationally recognized construction lawyer, Eliot Wagonheim

This course teaches you everything you need to know about that contract you’re being asked to sign. You’ll learn how to decipher the legalese, spot hidden traps, and make changes that protect your company…all while preserving your relationship with the other side.

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A look inside the course

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Session 1

Contract Review Excellence

The fundamental mindset, knowledge and skills you need (and are rarely, if ever taught) to really understand and be able to assess any type of construction contract from a general contractor’s point of view.

Session 2

Contract Foundations & The Art of Contract Revision

Getting to know the contract in front of you – how it’s put together, what to look for, the care and feeding of subcontractors, and when to walk away.

Session 3

Global Terms, Hidden Traps, and the Art of Getting Paid

Learn to spot the traps 99% of your peers miss…and how to make the small changes that protect your company and get you paid.

Session 4

Mission Critical Issues

The title says it all. Learn to navigate mission-critical issues from changes in the work to warranties, supply chain issues, force majeure and more.

Session 5

The Stuff Nobody Wants to Discuss…but Everyone Should

Construction is full of risk. Learn to measure and mitigate yours with a true understanding of damages, indemnification, suspension, termination, and dispute resolution.


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in 5 sessions, you will learn how to review and revise construction contracts...without a lawyer.

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